Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. If you don’t find an answer you’re looking for below, feel free to fill out the contact form on the right or visit our contact page.


Can you customize the photo strips?

Yep! You can choose from a number of backgrounds and templates and we can add text and/or a logo on the bottom of your strips. So, if you’re getting married we can put your names and wedding date right on the strip and if you’ve got a corporate event, we’ll slap your logo right on the bottom of that bad boy so everyone knows where they got it. We offer this for free with every photo booth rental package.


Will someone be there to run the booth?

With every single booking there will be a friendly and professional photo booth attendant on-site to help answer any questions and facilitate the steady use of the booth.


Do you charge for setup and breakdown time?

Not at all.


Is there an extra fee for delivery?

We offer free delivery within a 40 mile radius from our offices. If you’re outside that radius there may be a small travel fee to cover gas, time, etc., but it’s not much!


How many pictures do we get?

As many as your heart desires. Two identical strips are printed for each session in the photo booth and your guests can take as many photos as they’d like, there’s no cap to that. Our printer is the best of the best and prints strips in just a few seconds after the photos are taken so everything can move along efficiently so more guests get to use the booth.


How easy is the photo booth to use?

It couldn’t get any easier. A large touch screen monitor allows guests to choose between black and white or color prints and then they can start the process with the touch of a button. Guests can even see themselves before each picture is taken. When all the pictures have been taken, the strips print out automagically.


Can we use the photo booth outdoors?

Sure can as long as there’s an available power source and the booth is fully covered in the case of rain or other potentially hazardous weather.


How far in advance should we book the photo booth?

The short answer is: as soon as you know your date. Our photo booth is extremely popular so the sooner you book, the better chance you’ll have of your date being available.


How long does set up and break down take?

We usually plan 1.5 to 2 hours for set up, though it usually takes less time. This is not time that you would be paying for. Planning this much time gives us the time we need in case the venue isn’t ready for us or something out of our control slows us down, that way we can guarantee that we’ll always be ready on time. Breakdown takes about 30 minutes.

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